8-Bit Music Video OUT NOW!

‘8-Bit’ Music Video OUT NOW!


8-Bit’s Crunk About It!

SO yes, 8-Bit is out! It’s a cool message and a very personal story for me.  (But that’s nothing new for SniperShot haha)  Excited to have 2x Grammy winner Symbolyc One as the music producer and my longtime brother and collaborator Ean K Pegram on the video/concept work.


Scene from 8-Bit shot at White Rock Lake in Dallas, TX.

I do not really conform to the main bell curve of “normal” in terms of how society may want me to act.  I have had people close to me do me wrong in this hate-loving society.  If you keep your eye on the prize to achieve true happiness, you can get there.  Living a life not true to your heart, one may find that their happiness falls short.  Even though the masses may not understand one’s decisions, one must stay true to themselves.  Ultimately your friends, loved ones nor your family can do this for you.


8-Bit Faces Adversity, In The End He & His Family Live Happily Ever After! Persistence Beats Resistance.

8-Bit is the same as every other person.  He may not look exactly like everyone else, but breathes the same air and bleeds the same blood as everyone else.  He has the same requirements as everyone else.  He sees an opportunity for happiness and he takes action. “Action Cures Fear”  That’s the message in the song and the video, stay true to your heart & find your inner spark.  Do not play into the distractions.  The answer is within. Truth, Love, Heart, Peace!

One Truth Love Heart





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