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2 Pounds of Marijuana Found In 2,700-Year-Old Grave

Nearly two pounds of still-green plant material found in a 2,700-year-old grave in the Gobi Desert has just been identified as the world’s oldest marijuana stash, according to a paper in the latest issue of the Journal of Experimental Botany. Lead author Ethan Russo told Discovery News that the marijuana “is quite similar” to what’s […]

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Tha Mixtape II

I am releasing a new music video this week for my track “Spark Of A Flame” off Tha Mixtape II.  The video was shot on a green screen.  This video is guaranteed to make you THINK!  Hip Hop music is saturated with mindlessness.  I want my music to inspire people to think.  Video was shot […]

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Science Finds The Universe Is Really A Hologram “The work culminated in the last decade, and it suggests, remarkably, that all we experience is nothing but a holographic projection of processes taking place on some distant surface that surrounds us,” wrote physicist Brian Greene, of Columbia University. “You can pinch yourself, and what you feel will be real, but it mirrors a […]

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Intention Creates Reality

Watching the ice begin to melt today, I started reading “The Hidden Messages in Water” by Masaru Emoto. Whether written, spoken, or thought, our intentions create the reality we perceive. This is lake water after receiving a Buddhist healing prayer This is water shown the phrase “You make me sick. I will kill you.” in […]

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Dallas Ice Storm

We having a lil ice storm here in Dallas. It’s 26 Degrees at the moment. I prefer to be shirtless at the beach, but hey, make the most with what ya got! It Took 5 Buckets Of Hot Water Just To Get Into My Car, Solid Ice! Kale, Romanesco Cauliflower & Broccoli, This My First […]

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Free Ballin & Ballin On A Budget

For the majority of 2013, I have been working with Matt Kennedy of Audio Dallas Recording Studio mixing 24 tracks for my upcoming releases. First project is a free release called “Free Ballin”, followed up by the “Ballin On A Budget” LP. Each project will have 11-13 tracks. All tracks were produced in-house by SniperShot […]

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  After months of work, the new website is LIVE at ( As you can see we have a new blog.  I am concentrating my internet posts here from this point forward. My social media sites update each time I post a new blog just so you can stay up to date with SniperShot Music. […]

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