SniperShot – Do What I Want – Prod. By: oneofus


SniperShot – Do What I Want off of oneofus new project ‘Stay Warm’ OUT NOW at

Original oneofus Beat Vlog Video:
Vid shows oneofus making a few deliveries in downtown Dallas, then heading over to the Fabrication Yard to Catch IZK and DTOX in action! I wrote this song watching this video so it’s kinda fitting 😛
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Cop the Limited Edition Type II High-Bias Cassette featuring handstyles by local Dallas/Fort Worth graffiti artists and J-card with artwork on both sides. Limited edition of 50, hand numbered.

Stay Warm The 4 Track Project. Recorded entirely with an old Tascam 4 track cassette machine for that special sound. All beats directly from samplers…MPC1000 ASR10 MV8800 SP404

Behind The Scenes Video Of Us Making ‘Do What I Want’

Album Credits:
released July 14, 2017
All beats by oneofus
All cuts by Metronome
Flute on track 15 by Mer Kaba
Guitar and Keys on track 17 by Jay Indigo
Lyrics (in order of appearance) by Oldschool Poindexter, Toby Brock, Bilal, Mark Spits, IZK, FT Dub, Acme Sencillo, Flotation, Molekular, RedFello, Drew Bullets, B Swift, Rj Treekiller, Mer Kaba, Jo Indigo, SniperShot, and Gumbo Styles
Recorded, mixed, and arranged by oneofus
Not really mastered with help from Bchild and Beatnik Chemist aka Chop Diggie the Country Boom Bap Tunes Producer!
Artwork by IZK (

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