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Snipes Does House of Artistry! SniperShot sat down with Silassie and Vance Paynter for a lil chat on music videos, the mayan calendar, our non-profit work and #Shots! This is from Episode #49, original air-date was April 14, 2017. Checka Checka Out!

House of Artistry is a Dallas based online radio show geared to the independent creatives. Giving creatives a reliable platform to display their artistic abilities.
The viewers get exclusive knowledge on the process and know how to progress in their craft. Having personal interviews on set or on “Street Talk W/ Brandon King” we bring positive insight on what’s going on in your backyard. We believe in giving the listener and the creative the best experience possible.
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Videos Featured:
SniperShot – 8-Bit:
SniperShot – Walkin On Clouds:
SniperShot – Hate On:

Song Featured:
SniperShot – 8-Bit:

Peep Cass Maenius EP ‘Spiralyrix’ Here:

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