Tha Mixtape IV: Tha Rebirth OUT NOW!

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It’s been 4 years since SniperShot released a full length project. After putting out Country Boom Bap Tunes in 2016, Snipes moved to Guatemala. There he helped get clean water to the indigenous Maya in his village, wrote and performed music, and helped build a beautiful home.

When things did not go as planned, Snipes pivoted and moved back to his home, Dallas Texas. Sadly, Snipes had more heartbreak with the passing of his father last year. Understandably grieving, he decided to live on a sailboat and regroup in the waters of the South Pacific Ocean.

Now, after a few years of life dragging him through some extreme highs and lows, SniperShot is reborn a new and is releasing a 14 song gem called “Tha Mixtape IV: Tha Rebirth.” There are 5 new cutting edge music videos and multiple behind the scene vlogs that go with this project and the visuals are a key component to Snipes music.

This project has an overall southern/Texas vibe.  The transformational growth SniperShot has experienced is an integral part of his new music.

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