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Before I moved to LA in 2014, I met a producer through my talented graf artist homie Edertron.  His name is Chop Diggie.  We have become good friends since our impromtu freestyle session over his beats in his nissan sedan late one night.  We recorded one song right before I moved, at his studio in Oak Cliff.  He sent me off to LA with about 100 beats.  Throughout 2014, I ended up laying down 8 tracks (more than that really haha) which is now my 12th release, Country Boom Bap Tunes.  All Snipes, no features, all Chop Diggie production.  By the title, you can tell it has a boom bap feel with a twist of Sniper-Texas-Twang on top.  This will be my first vinyl release!


Dope Cover Art by: Ean K Pegram (love the “Let’s Rodeo” ring hehe)

Track Listing :

1. New Birth

2. Dimension 10

3. It’s Possible

4. You Can’t Fight It

5. We Are The Stars

6. I Don’t Have The Answers

7. Time Is Now

8. Soothe You


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JB Hi Fi for the homies in Australia (cant find link while i’m here in guatemala wont let me sign in :P) google it homie!

Recorded and Mixed by Wes Brown for Shot Records, Matt Kennedy for Audio Dallas Recording Studio & Jay Varela for Umbrella Records
Mastering by: Randy LeRoy for Airshow, Inc.
©2016 Shot Records. All Rights Reserved.

**Be On The Lookout For More SniperShot+Chop Diggie+Indigo Family Music**


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