Fresh Off The Yacht

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I Released lots of new songs and videos check all that ish out!

Today I release Fresh Off The Yacht!


SniperShot Returns To America To Release ‘Fresh Off The Yacht’

Dallas, TX November, 15 2019 – Fresh from living on a sailboat on the South Pacific Ocean, SniperShot teams up with AC The Program Director to bring you “Fresh Off The Yacht”. AC and Snipes link up in Los Angeles during Snipes first week back in America to bring you this EP. The contrast from sailing from island to island to being back in the city streets of Los Angeles was quite a contrast. Even though SniperShot used to live in LA, it was surprising. The conditions really made him reflect on how he wants to spend his time on this planet. Which has further solidified his vision to purchase a sailboat, build a studio and edible garden on board and travel the world. SniperShot left Dallas to live on a sailboat in the South Pacific Ocean in August. His experiences there can be seen on his vlog series “Rapper At Sea.” Episode 6 was released earlier this week. If you too are on the hunt for something more in this life, join him on his journey.

“Fresh Off The Yacht” & “Rapper At Sea” EP. 6

Fresh Off The Yacht EP

Fresh Off The Yacht Music Video

Rapper At Sea EP. 6

Rapper At Sea EP. 6

About SniperShot
Wes Brown, better known as SniperShot, is changing the over saturated, materialistic-driven hiphop industry by bringing out universal deep truths through his words and music that transcend all boundaries. When he is not recording music, Brown is involved with SacredHeart Water, a non-profit organization bringing clean water to people across the globe.
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