King Magnetic Dallas Show Rap Up

King Magnetic came through with the Mag Mob Tour back on April 4th (4/4/16).  Was a dope night, was also Cass Maenius CD Release Party.


Coming off the success of his debut album Timing Is Everything, a 19-track masterpiece featuring Dj Premier, 9th Wonder, Marco Polo and more, King Mag & The Mag Mob kicked off their tour/took over Dallas April 4th! Here’s everyone who rocked with us:

King Magnetic with Dj Express –

Almighty Moe Hendrix – Bax War/999

SniperShot –

Guillotine TheKasinoChamp –

Cass Maenius – *Spiralyrix EP Release Party!*

Children Of Indigo –

We had some dope Live Fractal Lighting by my homie Joseph Marquez.  Twas Dope.


Snipes In The Light


Mag and Moe Hendrix Gettin Busy, Mag Looks Like Kid in a Candy Store


King Magnetic, SniperShot & Cass Maenius #MagHandLookinSuspect


Hazy Morning After Shot


This Being The Reason

















SniperShot & King Magnetic in Boston at Made Men show circa ’08 HAHA! The No Beard Gang

Got a song coming out with GQ Nothin Pretty & King Magnetic this year, be on the lookout namean!


One MagMob Love






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