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Hi guys!  Wanted to touch base about an amazing nonprofit we started called SacredHeart Water.

We are a Dallas, Texas based non-profit/501c3. We believe every person on the planet should have access to free clean water.

There is a problem when it is a revolutionary idea that it is a right for everyone in the world to have access to clean and potable water. Often even water believed pure, upon testing, is not. This is a global issue. We have chosen the location of San Pablo La Laguna, at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala as our initial area of focus.
Water borne and parasitic illnesses are prevalent among people in this location, leading to malnutrition. Even worse, the lake has been having increasing Cyano Bacteria outbreaks, and exposure can cause liver failure. The main citizens in the area are Indigenous Maya, an under-served population. If they have running water it comes from the lake or down the mountain (neither clean) or they collect it directly from the lake. We collected water samples showing the contamination. Raw sewage and fertilizers are channeled into Lake Atitlan. The people are not educated about these dangers or the importance of hygiene.

L: Water samples we took last year; R: Water filters we brought this year based on last year’s test results

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala is the site of our first project, and after demonstrating success we will expand to other areas.
The success of this project depends on the successful implementation of various solutions working together. We need community water access stations with wells, showers, sanitizing sinks (for water vessels) and educational hygiene courses for community members so water is not re-contaminated. We will donate filters such as drinking straws and gravity-driven bucket and bag filters. We also want to work with companies doing large scale eco projects, such as Clean-Flo, to clean and promote the health of the lake. This project will bridge cultures and foster community as the need for water is something we all share.

Our director Cass Maenius holding our first bucket filter 🙂

One of our favorite parts of this project is that it unifies people of all walks of life to celebrate and honor life through giving, receiving, sharing, and cleaning water.
We will need volunteers, teams to install wells, build clean water stations, teach hygiene courses, staff to document our progress on paper and film, marketing, fundraising, and means to transport well drilling rigs and filters internationally. These projects require capital and we are seeking charitable donations to help us create a positive impact on our planet.

Behind the scenes shot of our filter installation video
We started a SacredHeart Water YouTube channel, we have 2 videos up so far with more to come!  Please SUBSCRIBE HERE!

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