Seeds & Sounds Fest

Been organizing this cool event for the last few months, it’s this Saturday, checka checka out!
Uniting Dallas/Fort Worth Artists, Musicians, Gardeners and other Community Organizations, to Create a Sustainable Food Source.
Dallas, Texas is one of the wealthiest cities in the United States. Yet, nearly 500,000 residents live in poverty. A large portion of Dallas is a food desert. A food desert is an urban area in which it is difficult to buy affordable or good-quality fresh food. We would like to unite Dallas/Fort Worth artists, musicians, gardeners and other community organizations, to create a sustainable food source to provide fresh, healthy food for those of us in need.
This project is in partnership with Permaculture Action Network, and thus, “works at the intersection of art, music, and regenerative culture, offering people a pathway to take action locally where they live to create empowered communities. By connecting educators, community organizers, grassroots projects, and performance artists, Permaculture Action Network mobilizes diverse audiences to build a regenerative and just world while pushing community and ecological justice to the center of society’s cultural narrative.”
Food is an universal binder. Every person on this planet needs clean food and water for survival and quality of life. This transcends many societal boundaries that separate us from one another. Our main target are those of us whom lack resources, opportunities and education. As we all require healthy food for a healthy existence, we can all “break bread” together in one location despite social, economic or educational differences we may appear to have.
The Plan: To create a permaculture-based, low maintenance, low-cost organic food source in Dallas, Texas. We will simultaneously have a live music event and enhance this garden in one day. The labor will be voluntarily provided by the concert-goers and the musicians.
Location: The Emanuel P.O.P. Community Garden – 4319 San Jacinto St. Dallas, TX 75204
Date: October 21, 2017 8AM-5PM
Cost: FREE
Outcome: Is a regenerative food and education resource within the Dallas community. Providing a location of nutrition, education, and awareness about our food sources and our community. Overall, increasing the well being of the community through nutrition, education and uniting as one to help the whole.
After The Event: Promise of Peace Community Gardens will be in charge of maintenance and food distribution as they have on going systems in place. This location will primarily supply the Emanuel Church Food Pantry Program that currently services about 65 families in Old East Dallas.
Music Performances By:
M Slago
Cass Maenius
Live Art By: EderTron
Sound Provided By: DM Event Production
**We Still Need Donations For This Free Event!**
Please shoot us a message or email at If you would like to be involved in this event. We will need tools, edible plants (berries, fruit trees and herbs), construction supplies, art supplies, Food, Water, etc. Any help is appreciated! Thank You!
One #LettuceBeTheChange Love


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