#SnipesFitness 100 Day Challenge – EP 5

#SnipesFitness 100 Day Challenge EP 5 – I explain what happened on the #SnipesFitness 100 Day Challenge on a sunny winter day in Deep Ellum. I have made a commitment to workout everyday and not drink alcohol for 100 Days! With the help of my friend “Bosu Joe”, we are doing the #SnipesFitness 100 Day Challenge to see how much we can transform our bodies (and mind+soul) in 100 days time. I am inviting you to join along with us, 100 Days – No Booze and Move that Body Everyday! Do It – Time Is Now – Let’s Go! Hit the Subscribe Button to follow along with us for the #SnipesFitness 100 Day Challenge! JOIN ME FOR THE #SNIPESFITNESS 100 DAY CHALLENGE!!! 😅💪🌀🌱

Big Shoutout to: Flotation – https://www.instagram.com/flotationglaze

Leo J – https://www.instagram.com/_leoj_

Braindead – https://www.instagram.com/braindeadbrew

Video by: RSNL Media – https://www.rsnlmedia.com

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