Snipes Gets Throwed

Wrote a lil verse out here in Guatemala for a contest yesterday. This is a classic Texas song. “Get Throwed” is the third single from Bun B’s debut album Trill. Pimp C recorded it fresh out of doing 8 years in jail.  This is common knowledge for the UGK alumni, but for my non-Texas fans, I’ma break it down for ya’ll. This is the last day of the contest!  Ya’ll go give it a like and a comment on Instagram!

Lyrics: Snipes that D-A Trill Ninja, Spit so cold don’t feel winter, Like Ro and Trae Young Ghetto Star, Bun they don’t know about smokin the jar, Z-Ro gone ride blue Snipes gone ride white, You can catch me at Audio Dallas All Night, What all the hate about errythang alright, From Texas to Guatemala follow the star light, International Grinder who needs his own airliner, Better do the most you never know when your time up, I’m the great white Snipes that fire writer, Hit a pothole keep it movin like a tire, Keep my mind on my money bitch fuck the fame, write big ol checks and they signed in my name, got my own record label cause im winnin the game, Been hustlin since a youngin and ain’t a damn thang changed so its…

I played on Pimp C’s original verses.  Using some of the stand out lines.

I also made references to Young Ghetto Stars which came out while Pimp C was in jail on The Sweet James Jones Stories featuring Z-Ro and Trae.

Also made reference to Bub B’s verse on UGK’s classic Wood Wheel.

This song was also famously sampled by Paul Wall featuring Mike Jones & Bun B on They Don’t Know.

To understand more about the Pimp C story and Texas Hip Hop History, read Sweet Jones: Pimp C’s Trill Life Story, go cop it here:

Complex also made a short film about him called Long Live The Pimp:


Don’t Forget!!!  This is the last day of the contest!  Ya’ll go give it a like and a comment on Instagram! Click Here:

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