Over the last year, I have been working on a cool music project with a talented young lady named Cass Maenius.  Cass is an Author, Musician, Sound Healer and President of a Non-Profit Organization.  Together, with the help of some talented musician friends in Dallas, Texas, we are able to put out a 6 song EP entitled ‘Spiralyrix’


Had the pleasure of being involved on this project as a rapper, producer and executive producer (even sang on a duet! What?!! HAHA Snipes! :P). It’s a dope project! Proud to release it under my label Shot Records.  Cass has an amazing voice, kinda trippy with real cool lyrics.  Definitely has a positive uplifting tone to it and quite frankly, the girls got BARS!

Her books read to me as poetry, but she hears it as a song from the get go.  The lyrics for Spiralyrix, actually come from her second book Along The Spiral.  She hears and sees music with color.  Possibly why it has an inter-dimensional vibe to it…Cass’s voice is just lovely if I may. Heavenly. Her timing, the way she rises and lowers into and out of notes, it’s beautiful.  I had to open myself up for this project.  Expand my vision, learn and grow musically, which is a beautiful thing.


Artwork by: Ean K Pegram


1. Stargazers – Prod. By: Chop Diggie

2. Speaker Heart feat. SniperShot – Prod. By: SniperShot & R.Bones

3. Paint The Night – Prod. By: Prezidential

4. Life As Art feat. SniperShot – Prod. By: Mr. Kent

5. Continunity – Prod. By: Prezidential

6. The Muse – Prod. By: Chop Diggie

**Save some $$$ and cop one of her bundle packs with the books & the CD here @ CassMaenius.bandcamp.com

Spiralyrix is also available at the locations:

CD Baby



She has also published 2 books.  Her first book, Fractals in Flight and her newest release, Along The Spiral.  You can cop the books at:




Big Shoutout to Cass Maenius, Chop Diggie, Matt Kennedy, Prezidential, R.Bones, Mr. Kent, Ean K Pegram, Randy LeRoy, Audio Dallas Recording Studio and everyone else behind the scenes making things happen for us.  WE APPRECIATE YOU!


One @Spiraling Lyric Of@ Love





Spiralyrix is the debut music release from Author, Musician, and Sound Healer Cass Maenius. Mixed by Wes Brown for Shot Records and Matt Kennedy for Audio Dallas Recording Studio. Mastering by Randy LeRoy for Airshow Mastering. Album Art By Ean K Pegram. Executive Producer – SniperShot © 2016 All Rights Reserved Shot Records


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