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Water You Drinking?

We are working hard getting humanitarian water filters to indigenous Maya here at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala with SacredHeart Water. Clean Water For Marcos & His Family Clean Water For Sebastian, Rosario, Roberto & Lil Sherrie ( not in photo 🙂 Clean Water For The Preschool in San Marcos La Laguna! Clean Water For Luis, Magda, […]

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SacredHeart Water

Hi guys!  Wanted to touch base about an amazing nonprofit we started called SacredHeart Water. We are a Dallas, Texas based non-profit/501c3. We believe every person on the planet should have access to free clean water. There is a problem when it is a revolutionary idea that it is a right for everyone in the […]

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Last week SniperShot & Cass Maenius did a couple call-in interviews from Guatemala via skype (sorry for any sound quality issues!). Touching base about our projects here in Guatemala, new music, new videos + coffee & kimchi. Peep Game. Shoutout TMIRadio.com and On Air LIVE Immense Music Radio 6/18/2016 – SniperShot calls in from Guatemala with […]

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