The Dallas-WA Connection


From 2011-2012 I lived in Perth, Australia.  Its a beautiful city with a dope hip hop scene.  Started networking within the hip hop scene & met a lot of cool people.  I was able to perform at over 20 shows in my time in Perth, shot 2 music videos and spent countless hours on the beach 🙂  Through the good times and the bad, I learned alot about myself on my travels.  Experience is priceless.


Throughout my year in Perth, I collaborated with various artists from West Australia.  I was able to get a solid 15 tracks together for a release.  I decided to name it The Dallas-WA Connection to follow up to my Dallas-UK Connection EP.  Some of the WA artists you will hear on this project are: Burd Brain, Intelekt, Still. J, Shroomz, Mets Phobic, Mysc, Archey Moses, FreeThought, Nasty P, Sean Thomas, Drop Vs., Gold D Lox & Dista.  Big Shout out to Burd Brain of Burd Cage Recording Studio for helping me get the mixes right, couldn’t of done it without him!  Shout out everyone who booked me for shows & everyone who helped me out on my journey.  Too many to name!

One Love



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