Fibonacci All Stars – Turquoise Waterfalls


In a distant land & time before Covid; Tito Strange, Beatnik Chemist & SniperShot drove from Dallas, TX down through Mexico for an epic 22 day adventure in a van. Its was WILD! We hit an 18 wheeler on a mountain road, got attacked by ants in the night, extorted for money, lost a drone in a canyon, almost got arrested shooting a music video on the pyramids and encountered plenty of turquoise water! It was too much epic-ness to list, but through it all we created a cool, laid back, 5 song EP recorded in a van in Mexico. The ‘Turquoise Waterfalls’ EP is the first release from SniperShot’s collab project: The Fibonacci All Stars. The ‘Turquoise Waterfalls’ EP is available exclusively on my Patreon page. Check out the vlog series of our adventures through Mexico on my YouTube Channel! Episode 1 is out now! Appreciate Your Support! -Snipes Listen To The Project Here:

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