Why Hello There 2017!

What’s good everyone?? Happy New Year! Quick update on what has been going on with Snipes!

I been spending time in Dallas getting things accomplished after touring in the fall.

Made some Pesto with homegrown Basil, Arugula and Parsley + Sunflower Seeds.  Can You Smell That???? #Dank #AllOrganicErrythang


Shot out to North Carolina for a quicky with the homie Dr. Kind


Been cooking up some dope music with my Chilldren of Indigo family, along with Cass Maenius, we have a dope project in the works #ThePortal  Also new SniperShot songs in the stash box ready to roll out!


Photo By Kche Pegram

Cut off like 10″ of my hair length and trimmed my beard way down, GQ stylee.


Photo By: Lesley Lawson

Last, but certainly not least, I am happy+proud to announce the release of my new music video “8-Bit” from my single produced by 2 time Grammy award winner, Symbolyc One.  The video is directed and produced by Ean K Pegram and will be released on Valentines Day (Feb. 14, 2017).  Why you may ask?? Cause #ItsALoveThang


One Love Thang




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